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Jurassic Box Collection - 2022 Birthday Box

Jurassic Box Collection - 2022 Birthday Box

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Welcome...to Jurassic Box! 

Box includes:

16oz Shaving Can Tumbler with Straw

1 He’s A Digger Bar Soap, scented in Lemon Essential Oil

1 Lex's Lime Jello jelly soap scented in Lemon-Lime

1 Bubble Bar in Dr. Grant's Dig, scented in grapefruit and Mint

3 90’s Neon Bath Bombs:

Little Foot is scented in Blue Agave

Sharptooth is scented in rainbow Cherry, Blue Raspberry and Pineapple

Cera is scented in Lemon Rosewater

1 Bath Bomb in We Have A T-Rex, scented in English Ivy

1 Dino Dropping Sample Whipped Soap in Cranberry, Pomegranate and Heliotrope

1 Dino Mud Clay Mask

1 Essential Souvenir Bag

1 Dino Charm Key Chain

1 bag of Dino Wax Melts by Sugar and Geek Candle (https://www.sugarandgeekcandle.com)

3 Jurassic Park stickers by Dead Disco (https://www.dead-disco.com)